She-Hawks? 49ers running back Anthony Dixon sends some trash talk to rival

Shutdown Corner

You're excited about Seattle vs. San Francisco on Sunday night. We all are. So you can only imagine being a player on one of those teams.

Good thing for us that we have Twitter. San Francisco 49ers running back Anthony Dixon is fired up, as one would expect, and took to his confirmed account to send a message to any of the Seahawks who are among his approximately 47,000 followers.

Oh boy. Shots fired.

This won't affect anything. Bulletin board material is overblown – if any Seattle players needed an opponent calling them "She-Hawks" to get excited for this game, they seriously need a new line of employment. But it certainly adds some bite this week to a rivalry that hasn't heated up too much yet this week. I mean, the opposing quarterbacks doing Madden commercials together.

So now we have the first insult (however juvenile and politically incorrect) tossed out between the teams. Will any Seahawks respond in kind?

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