Shaun Phillips seems conflicted over his feelings for Tim Tebow

Shutdown Corner

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is on television a lot, because most people seem to really, really like Tim Tebow. Some people, though, just aren't sure how they feel about him.

Shaun Phillips, linebacker for the San Diego Chargers, tweeted this about Tebow ...

... and then, presumably, had one of those, "Uh oh, that's going to get me in trouble" moments. He quickly followed it up with this:

Oh, OK. Your love and admiration for the man clearly explains why you want to trash him. "Oh, look at him. He's such a wonderful man, with a big, beautiful heart, and I just love him to death. That's why I so badly want to slam his head into the turf." I feel the exact same way about Jeff Probst.

At least Phillips didn't go the Kenny Britt/Anthony Weiner route and claim his Twitter account was hacked.

Gracias, Funny Athlete Tweets.

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