Seymour Butts, Says Nick Hardwick

Chargers center Nick Hardwick is still talking about Richard Seymour ... and while he might have a point this time, I still wish someone would serve him a nice tall glass of shut the hell up..

Hardwick accused Seymour of head-butting a Chargers assistant coach, and video evidence exists that kinda sorta backs it up. It's from the Patriots pregame intro, and for some reason, Seymour is over at the Chargers bench area, jawing with Marcus McNeil. An assistant coach appears to try to separate them, and then Seymour gets in his face.

Now, I don't think there's anything that qualifies as a head-butt in there. There may have been some light facemask-to-face contact, but I'm guessing that if Richard Seymour really wanted to head-butt that coach, the coach would still be in critical condition right now with a fractured skull.

Still, there's no reason for Seymour to be over there during the introductions ... and there's even less reason for him to get in a coach's face like that.

But perhaps most importantly, there's no reason for Nick Hardwick to still be talking about any of this. Calm yourself, Hardwick. Stop talking for a while. Accept your loss, and move on ... and if you still feel the need to do something, just show up at Seymour's house and fight the guy. But please, leave the rest of us out of it.

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