Settle in and listen to the longest ref explanation ever at the Green Bay-Baltimore game

Pity the poor referee. (Just for the sake of argument.) Nobody pays any attention to him unless he screws up, and then, lord have mercy it's all the attention he could possibly want ... none of which is suitable for his children's ears.

So you can understand why a ref might relish the chance to show off a bit of his game knowledge, to shine. Nobody cheers the poor ref for knowing the proper late-game penalty procedures. Nobody has a fantasy referees' league. (Nobody you'd want to spend much time around, anyway.)

Gene Steratore got the opportunity to discuss the penalty procedures in place following an injury to Green Bay receiver Randall Cobb, and oh, Steratore didn't disappoint. For 45 seconds — an eternity when the usual referee communication is five words — Steratore held forth on the injury, timeout count, timeout procedure, and final result. You can be forgiven if you grabbed a nap during that.

Preach on, Mr. Steratore. We look forward to you explaining playoff overtime rules to us.

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