Seattle has a coach for '09 before the Redskins have one for '08

Florida State decides to name a successor to Bobby Bowden before Bowden actually leaves, and now everyone wants to do it. The football world is a world of copycats.

Jim Mora Jr. will take over for the Seattle Seahawks after the '08/'09 season, which will be Mike Holmgren's last. Mora, of course, used to be the head coach with the Atlanta Falcons, but they fired him over the '06 season because that's not an organization that needed any stability, continuity, or anything like that. Mora's also recently been linked to the open Redskins job, but for some reason, it looks like he'd prefer to stay in a stable situation with a sane owner.

I don't know if a move like this skirts the Rooney Rule, which requires that all teams interview a minority candidate for open head coaching positions (though I suppose someone in a position of authority will have questions about that when the time comes), but I at least like the ideology behind it. If you've got a good candidate in-house, lock him up and make it a smooth transition. That way, you don't end up looking like, oh, I don't know ... these people.

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