Search of Aaron Hernandez’s ‘secret apartment’ turns up evidence for police

Aaron Hernandez's secret apartment that he rented turned up evidence that police hope it can use in the former New England Patriots tight end's murder case.

Several boxes of ammunition and a sweatshirt and hat authorities believe can be used as evidence in the case were found, the Associated Press said.

The $1,200-a-month apartment was searched after police learned about it from Carlos Ortiz, Hernandez's friend who was with him the night of Odin Lloyd's death and is in custody, the AP said. Hernandez has been charged with first-degree murder in the case.

According to AP, court documents said a white hooded sweatshirt and a cranberry-colored cap were found in a bedroom. Surveillance video of Hernandez's house the night of Lloyd's death shows shows him wearing a similar sweatshirt. Hernandez has been shown in a picture from a local news station taken outside a nightclub on June 14 wearing the cap. Hernandez was allegedly upset at Lloyd for talking to people he didn't like at the nightclub. Lloyd was found dead on June 17.

''The white sweatshirt could be used ... to assist in linking Hernandez to the scene of the crime,'' wrote Trooper Michael Bates, in an affidavit in support of one of the search warrants, according to AP.

''The baseball hat could help provide the whereabouts of Hernandez on the Friday night before the homicide,'' Bates wrote.

The Boston Herald also said cocaine was cited in the court papers on the secret house, although it's unclear what connection was being made. This is what the Herald wrote in reference to a search warrant affidavit mentioning cocaine at Hernandez's apartment:

Massachusetts State Trooper Michael Bates requested a warrant to search anyone at Hernandez’s apartment, stating “the nature of the sale of Cocaine is such that the participants are constantly changing, Cocaine is commonly packaged in small plastic bags which are easily and likely concealed on one’s person(s).”

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