Seahawks players (except Marshawn Lynch) have a blast during White House visit

Anwar S. Richardson
Shutdown Corner

President Barack Obama might be one of the most powerful men in the world, but he did not have enough influence to persuade running back Marshawn Lynch to travel with the Seattle Seahawks to the White House on Wednesday.

Obama honored Seattle’s Super Bowl team, and Lynch was the most notable absentee during the ceremony.

"I am sorry that Marshawn is not here, because I just wanted to say how much I admire his approach to the press," Obama said. "I wanted to get some tips from him. It’s about the action."

Despite Lynch’s absence, the majority of players from that Super Bowl championship team were in attendance, and Obama even displayed a 12th Man banner to honor Seahawks fans.

"We can’t talk about the Seahawks without talking about the 12th Man," Obama said. "Last season, ‘the 12s’ set a record not once, but twice, for the loudest crowd noise in history. Now, history is a long time, so that’s really loud. So loud on multiple occasions, they’ve actually created minor earthquakes, which is disturbing. And you should think about that.

"After the Super Bowl, when they had the chance to celebrate, they let loose in true Seattle style. And while some got a little carried away, there’s actually video of a huge group of Seahawks fans interrupting their celebration to wait for the walk sign before crossing an intersection. So that’s Seattle for you."

As Obama honored the team, several players shared their excitement about being at the White House through social media on Wednesday:

If Seattle has another championship season, maybe the President will have better luck convincing Lynch to visit the White House next year.

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