Seahawks have minicamp fight, Richard Sherman in the middle of it

It's not shocking to see Richard Sherman and a receiver in a fight. It's a little surprising that it was a receiver on his own team.

The Seahawks had a scuffle in minicamp practice on Wednesday. And in the middle was Sherman, the team's All-Pro cornerback.

Are you surprised that receiver Phil Bates got in a minor kerfuffle with the league's most braggadocious player? Probably not. And as far as football fights go, this was a good one. There was some serious swinging going on.

Actually, it appears Sherman didn't have a ton to do with it. KOMO News said that tempers started flaring when safety Earl Thomas hit receiver Bryan Walters as he went down (cough, cough "non-contact practice" cough) at the end of a deep catch, and Walters hurt his shoulder. Sherman and Bates played the feud on the next play.

And Thomas got in a little verbal shot of his own afterward.

"When we're out here everything's happening fast and, ah, you know those receivers, they're kind of soft sometimes," Thomas said, via KOMO news. "They see one of their teammates, or guys in their same room fall, they start crying. You just kind of shrug it off and you don't pay attention to guys like that. But it's all in the game we're teammates at the end of the day. Obviously we're going after the same goal."

Hey, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll likes full-on competition in practice. He got it Wednesday.

Bates and Sherman made up after the brouhaha. Fights happen in football practices all the time; that's not too big of a deal. We'll see, however, if the Seahawks receivers appreciate Thomas' "soft" comment.

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