Seahawks fans are so loud they’re causing problems for Seattle’s defense (Loops)

Seattle Seahawks fans do their best to throw the opposing team off their game with lots of noise, but it's worth noting their own defense isn't impervious to sound. Witness this play during the first half of Sunday's NFC championship against the San Francisco 49ers. That's defensive lineman Brandon Mebane having to physically move teammate Clinton McDonald because the crowd prevented Mebane from vocally correcting McDonald.

Communicating in the middle of the din their home fans create is something the Seahawks talked about this week.


"We have to communicate like it's an issue," Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said this week, adding that the team is used to it by now and it's not a problem. "But we have to communicate other than just [players yelling]."

Coaches and players say the team has had to resort to hand signals to hear each other. One Seahawks player described it as an uncomplicated system of pointing and gesturing that is nothing like the well-oiled speechless communication systems you see in college football or designed by Philadelphia's Chip Kelly, with cardboard signs ... The team's defensive backs coach, Kris Richard, admitted it's easier to change things on the road, when the crowd is near-silent and not like the raucous atmosphere of "The Clink."

Despite the challenges, Seahawks players say it's worth the tradeoff for the communication problems it causes for the opposing offenses. And in the end, we all benefit because it's a situation that causes some humorous-looking communication among Seahawks defenders.

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