Seahawks fans’ head tattoo did not win playoff tickets, begging Ellen DeGeneres to attend Super Bowl

Anwar S Richardson
Shutdown Corner

Seattle Seahawks fan McKenzie Jane Brown is desperate to see her favorite team play in the postseason.

Maybe a little too eager.

Brown wanted to see watch her team play against the New Orleans Saints during the NFC divisional playoff game. Instead of purchasing tickets, or simply finding a television plugged into an electrical outlet, Brown decided to enter a local radio contest. The fan with the best Seahawks-related photo would win playoff tickets, according to

That was all the inspiration Brown needed to shave the left side of her head and get her 10th tattoo. Brown had the “12th Man” tattooed on her head with the Seahawks logo, but lost to a fan who dressed up as a Seahawks-themed Batman (h/t Fox Sports).

“I always wanted to have a Seahawks tattoo, but I didn't want a logo to interrupt the other tattoos,” Brown told “That's why I felt the head would be perfect.”

Image what Brown may have tattooed on her head for NFC championship tickets.

As if that was not bad enough, Brown’s friend is currently petitioning The Ellen DeGeneres Show for Super Bowl tickets. If the show gives her Super Bowl tickets, Brown is willing to tattoo something Ellen-related on the other side of her head.

Brown is going through a lot for free tickets, which could turn into an interesting conversation with her grandchildren one day.

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