Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman’s ‘Sound FX’ is as funny as you’d imagine

The NFL should pass a rule that Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has to wear a microphone for every game.

Sherman had a mic on during last week's game against the Vikings for a "Sound FX" episode, and the NFL's most notorious trash talker was on top of his game.

He got it going early getting his fellow defensive backs pumped up (all office meetings should start with a "Who's got my back?" chant). He fell quiet for a bit after getting beat pretty badly for a touchdown, but it didn't take long for him to get going again.

He saves his best barbs for rookie receiver Cordarrelle Patterson, when he tells him he needs to get stronger, and he verbally abuses Joe Webb.

"You're sorry," Sherman said at one point to Webb. "It's a waste of my time out here."

Just wait for the part when Sherman yawns at Webb.

Teammates aren't exempt from Sherman's mouth. Sherman and Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch have a funny back and forth on the sideline cracking on each other late in a big Seattle win.

Sherman needs to be wired for every game. If his unedited commentary during games was available for subscription, we'd pay up immediately.

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