Seahawks are favorites to win 2015 Super Bowl; 49ers, Broncos close behind

There's still confetti on the field at MetLife Stadium (and, quite possibly, fans who haven't gotten home yet), but just because the 2014 Super Bowl is still fresh doesn't mean we can't start looking to 2015. Vegas oddsmakers are releasing their odds for the 2015 Super Bowl, and, surprise surprise, the good teams from this year are likely to be good next year as well.

Per Bovada, the Seahawks remain the favorites at 9/2 odds (bet $2 to win $9), followed by the 49ers (15/2), Broncos (8/1) and Patriots (14/1). Also close behind are the Green Bay Packers (16/1 with Aaron Rodgers predicted to return to full health) and New Orleans (18/1). Here's the full list, further commentary below:

Seattle Seahawks: 9/2
San Francisco 49ers: 15/2
Denver Broncos: 8/1
New England Patriots: 14/1
Green Bay Packers: 16/1
New Orleans Saints: 18/1
Atlanta Falcons: 25/1
Carolina Panthers: 25/1
Chicago Bears: 25/1
Cincinnati Bengals: 25/1
Philadelphia Eagles: 25/1
Indianapolis Colts: 28/1
Kansas City Chiefs: 28/1
Arizona Cardinals: 33/1
Dallas Cowboys: 33/1
Detroit Lions: 33/1
New York Giants: 33/1
Pittsburgh Steelers: 33/1
San Diego Chargers: 33/1
Baltimore Ravens: 40/1
Houston Texans: 40/1
St. Louis Rams: 40/1
Washington Redskins: 40/1
Miami Dolphins: 50/1
New York Jets: 50/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 50/1
Tennessee Titans: 50/1
Cleveland Browns: 66/1
Buffalo Bills: 75/1
Minnesota Vikings: 75/1
Oakland Raiders: 75/1
Jacksonville Jaguars: 100/1

A few observations: Atlanta seems to be bouncing back in a big way, but thanks to a weak schedule that could be a possibility. Carolina doesn't seem to be garnering much respect, nor do the Colts or Cardinals. The Lions may well have seen their best chance at a playoff run vanish at the end of last season. The Giants seem overvalued, while the Chargers and Steelers feel a bit undervalued. The Rams could be great or terrible, as they were all season, and everything south of the Jets feels about right. Sorry, Jacksonville fans. It's not getting any better.

Question, though: how reliable are these predictions? Looking back at Bovada's post-draft odds from 2013, we find that the top four teams picked to win were ... San Francisco (6/1), Denver (15/2), New England (8/1) and Seattle (9/1). In case you've forgotten, those were the four conference championship teams. Indeed, Vegas only really tanked on overvaluing the Falcons (12/1, fifth overall) and the Texans (18/1, seventh overall) and undervaluing the Chiefs and Panthers (50/1 apiece). 

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