Screech will be in the corner of former ‘Saved by the Bell’ co-star Jim Harbaugh

It is Screech’s chance to return the favor.

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh made a guest appearance 17 years ago on "Saved by the Bell: The New Class" where he played the cousin of Screech, played by Diamond. Harbaugh was then the starting quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts and he appeared on the episode to provide a lesson to a football player on fictional Bayside High School who had gotten cocky and needed to learn about humility. So Screech called on “Cousin Jim” to teach that lesson.

In the scene, Harbaugh advises, “People think I'm a hero because I can throw a football but I wouldn't be anything without my teammates.” The seriousness aside, Diamond also refers to the hefty Harbaugh as “skinny” when they first interact at the local eatery, The Max.

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Well now Diamond is ready to return the favor for his “cousin” with his own Gipper-esque speech ahead of the Super Bowl where Harbaugh’s 49ers face the Baltimore Ravens.

“My advice to Jim Harbaugh is buddy, you got to remember your words when you played my cousin in ‘Saved by the Bell: The New Class.’ You got to remember that being a hero isn’t about being a hot shot, that brings trouble,” Diamond told Yahoo! Sports.
“Being a hero is – well – forget about your everything else and it is all about your team. If you can help your team and see them focusing right - that’s when you’ll see the true heroics and see the win within your grasp.

“Oh, and I can’t emphasize it enough: You got to work out skinny.”

Diamond is 36 years old now and currently on tour for his standup act. He recently joined Twitter and has completed several recent film projects including Scavenger Killers.

In 1996 when the scene with Harbaugh was shot, Diamond didn’t consider himself to be a sports fan. He’s taken time over the past few years to learn more about football and the game itself, now saying that he can appreciate the sport and that he truly enjoys it.

He will watch the Super Bowl knowing and rooting for his “cousin” to win it, even if he wasn’t originally overwhelmed like the rest of the cast to meet Harbaugh the first time.

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“It was cool meeting them but I didn’t go goo-gaga but everyone else did but I can appreciate how excited everyone else was. To me, it was the exact same as portrayed in the clip where, ‘Yeah yeah, it’s my cousin, you want to talk to him or not? Too bad you’re leaving the Max, my cousin happens to be the quarterback of the Colts.’ It was very closely mirrored to real life,” Diamond said. “We did 260 episodes and every episode, every year blurs together.

“Hopefully he’s taking my advice and working out and not skinny anymore.”

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