Santonio Holmes refuses to turn off iPod during flight

It didn't take long for Santonio Holmes to sully up his "clean start" in New York. The new Jets wide receiver was written up in a flight incident report Thursday night after he refused to turn off his iPod during a descent into Pittsburgh.

Holmes, who was traded from the Steelers to the Jets last month and vowed to leave his troubled past behind, was not charged in the incident.

It was reported earlier in the day that the former Super Bowl MVP had been removed from the flight, but a statement from Allegheny County Police contradicted those reports and stated Holmes was merely reminded by police officers to comply with flight regulations.

Jets coach Rex Ryan said the incident had been overblown in media outlets. "I mean, OK, let's face it, he should turn off his iPod," Ryan said. "That's what he should do. I mean, he should do that. I haven't had a chance to talk to Santonio, but he certainly should do that."

After reading that quote, I'm sort of confused as to what Ryan thinks Santonio should do. I wish he had clarified.

There's some truth to the statement that this has been overblown a bit, but if you're Santonio Holmes you can't afford to get involved in petty disturbances like not turning off an iPod for a 10-minute descent. Holmes will be serving a four-game drug suspension at the beginning of the year, he's been held out from one game for having marijuana detected in his car, he's been sued by a woman for throwing a drink at her at a club, he was involved a domestic violence incident and he's been accused of making vague threats on Twitter. Is risking arrest to listen to a few more songs before leaving the plane really worth it? I don't care if one of those tracks was that new Eminem song dissing Holmes' ex-teammate Ben Roethlisberger, the answer is clearly no.

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