Santonio Holmes finds a little nightclub trouble of his own

A woman is accusing Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Santonio Holmes(notes) of doing some not-so-nice things in an Orlando nightclub. She's filed a lawsuit against him, where she alleges that after Holmes told her to "get up" from the couch she was sitting on, she refused and then this happened:

A few club patrons had to step in between the plaintiff (the woman) and defendant (Holmes) to prevent the Defendant from grabbing the Plaintiff. While separated, Defendant then threw his entire glass cup of liquor at the Plaintiff's face. The glass struck the Plaintiff in the face, specifically on the right side of her face right below her eyebrow. The act of throwing the glass resulted in the Plaintiff receiving a laceration very close to her eye.

When everyone got outside, she claims she asked a police officer to "reprimand" Holmes, at which point Holmes offered her money, saying "that he was an NFL football player and that he could not face criminal charges."

So, again, just to reiterate, no actual criminal charges have been filed. Holmes maintains innocence, and told ESPN's Rachel Nichols that he was confident the matter would "be taken care of quickly, within the next 24 hours." He even tweeted about it (Gracias, Sportress).

Before anyone decides to state unknown facts please do research 1st. In the end it makes you look like the fool!

Add this to Ben Roethlisberger's troubles, and this offseason is going about as well for the Steelers as their last regular season did. I'm guessing a few people with the last name "Rooney" are pretty bothered by the headlines alone. What can you do, hope that none of it's true?

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