San Diego newspaper welcomes Manti Te’o with, yep, a fake-girlfriend joke

Manti Te'o is coming to San Diego, courtesy of a second-round pick. And, if the above cartoon from his newly-adopted hometown paper, the San Diego Union-Tribune, is any indication, old jokes about Te'o won't die easily.

The combination of poor performance in the national championship, unexpectedly bad showings in the NFL combine, and of course the phantom girlfriend all combined to knock perhaps the most famous name in the draft out of the first round.

Still, Te'o is saying the right things. About the whole phantom-girl fiasco, "it's definitely made me stronger," he told "Dealing with adversity, it can hurt you or make you stronger, and it definitely made me stronger. That's how I feel right now."

Dealing with adversity, that's one thing. Dealing with bad jokes? Yeah, Te'o's going to be living with that for the rest of his life.

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