San Diego coach Mike McCoy might be the calmest coach ever, as shown in ‘Sound FX’

The stereotype of the screaming coach constantly trying to rally (or belittle) his troops is mostly outdated.

Some very good and excitable coaches still exist. San Francisco's Jim Harbaugh and Seattle's Pete Carroll stand out. But usually, if a coach's main strength is yelling, he's not going to last long. The modern NFL coach spends too much time processing complex concepts to yell all day.

Still, it was odd to hear Chargers coach Mike McCoy seemingly go through San Diego's entire win last week at Jacksonville without raising his voice.

McCoy wore a microphone and was featured on "Sound FX." He motivates his team by pounding in buzzwords (I get the sense he wants to them to play "downhill"), but it's almost odd how calm and measured he is. About the only time his heart rate seems to rise was when he mistakenly threw the red challenge flag when he didn't need to – Philip Rivers hilariously kicks it back to him as he scurries to grab it (a team loses a timeout for throwing the challenge flag for a play that will be automatically reviewed). For the rest of the clip, McCoy's excitement level is the same as if he was at the counter ordering his lunch.

McCoy has done an outstanding job this season, and has San Diego tied for the sixth seed in the AFC with a 4-3 record. McCoy is showing that a coach can treat his players like grown men without the yelling, theatrics and control issues and be successful. You listening, Greg Schiano?

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