Sam Bradford won't work out, but he does have a doctor's note

Bad news for those of you who love the NFL scouting combine. Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford won't be working out there.

He'll participate in medical exams, do the interviews and take the Wonderlic, but according to a letter released by his agents, you won't be seeing him on the field. Bradford is recovering from a right shoulder injury he suffered in a game against Texas this past season, and I guess the shoulder isn't feeling quite 100 percent yet.

The good news, though? The letter also included a note from Dr. James Andrews. Here's what Dr. Andrews has to say about the shoulder, courtesy of

Andrews mentions that Bradford is ahead of schedule in his recovery from shoulder surgery. He writes that Sam has been increasing the distance on his throws weekly and is on schedule to fully participate at the pro day workout in late March.

So there you go. He won't throw at the combine, but he'll throw at his pro day.

Scouts might not like it, but they're just going to have to deal. It's Bradford's future that's at stake here, so whatever decision he's comfortable with is the decision he should make. He doesn't feel like the shoulder will be ready yet, so the scouts will have to wait. And that's all right. He's good enough that they'll wait as long as he wants them to.

Bradford's considered by some to be the best quarterback in the draft, and could go as high as the top five. Right now, his draft stock is all about that shoulder injury.