Michael Sam bails out Twitter fan who pledged to buy everyone drinks if Sam sacked Johnny Manziel

If you're on Twitter, you might have seen the fan who tweeted out before Saturday night's St. Louis Rams-Cleveland Browns game that he'd buy drinks for, well, everyone if Michael Sam sacked Johnny Manziel.

Here's the original tweet, posted prior to the game:

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So what happened? Yup — Sam took down Manziel, and even flashed the "Money" Manziel as his sack celebration. Quality stuff there from the seventh-rounder.

We're frankly shocked that the two most viral memebers of the NFL draft class of 2014 meeting — rather forcefully, we might add — didn't break the Internet and create a vortex into which we all were sucked. Actually, they met twice, as Sam took down Manziel a second time for a sack on the game's final play. Just for good measure.

Back to our friend ... yeah, one or two thirsty people reminded him of his bet, naturally.

First, there was joy.

Then, reality sunk in.

So FISHER KING was forced to come up with an alternate plan because, you know, no one can afford that. Not even Manziel. Instead, Mr. KING suggested a solid alternative.

Apparently, Sam caught wind of this. And he helped throw the fan a solid lifeline.

Veteran move by the rookie. Now these two are bros.

And KING realized that he not only is off the hook for having to buy the world a Jack & Coke, but now he can go back to his little corner of the universe.

Still, a cool story overall. And seriously, how great is Sam? First, he sacks the eminently sackable Manziel —guessing FISHER KING was not the only guy who enjoyed seeing that — and then he does the guy a real solid. 

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