A salute to Jack Kemp, the football player

Jack Kemp, former Congressman, Buffalo Bills quarterback and 1996 candidate for vice president, passed away Saturday at the age of 73.

Of course, his life's greatest contributions came in politics and public service, but I'd like to focus on his football career, because, well, that's what we do here. If you, like me, are too young to have experienced Kemp's football career, here are some highlights from the Bills' 1964 AFL championship season.

Kemp led the Bills to another championship in 1965, and won the AFL's Most Valuable Player award that year, too. He retired in 1969 and got into politics, winning a seat in Congress in 1971. Think of him as an old-school Heath Shuler, except, you know, Kemp was good at playing football.

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