If Saints vs. Vikings opens 2010, Drew Brees will be the hunted

The New Orleans Saints were tabbed Tuesday as the host of the 2010 season-opening game on the night of Thursday, Sept. 9.

Who they'll play has yet to be determined, but it has to come from the following group of eight teams who will play at New Orleans next season: the Panthers, Falcons, Buccaneers, Browns, Rams, Seahawks, Steelers or Vikings.

It'll almost certainly would be the Steelers or Vikings. The Steelers are always a big television draw, and the game against the Vikings would be a rematch of the most-watched non-Super Bowl game in television history. If that game happens to include Brett Favre(notes), I'd say the Vikings are a lock.

Even if there's no Favre, a couple of Minnesota Vikings are already talking about how they should have, or will in the future, pummel Drew Brees(notes). First, defensive end Ray Edwards(notes), via The Huddle.

"Taking those hits that he took I wish I would have known that they did that because I don't really watch the offense," Edwards told KFAN-radio. "I would have sure done the same thing to Brees because that wasn't right."

Tight end Visanthe Shiancoe(notes) got in on it, too, despite the fact that he's a tight end and will never be on the field at the same time as Brees. From Sirius NFL Radio, via PFT:

"When you've got teams like that and defensive coordinators saying those types of things publicly it just creates a little turmoil [...] Especially being that it was Brett, it's unnecessary hits and a little bit of extra. So, you know, we play these guys again. It might be a little bit extra out there."

It's not quite Bounty Bowl stuff, but it's not that far away, either. Talk like this is closely monitored through the season, but they can probably get away with it now, when they're a whole offseason away from a game that isn't even scheduled yet.

But we'll remember it when the time comes.

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