Saints stay undefeated thanks to Dolphins' desire to air it out

There aren't too many downsides to starting the season 5-0 and outscoring opponents by a staggering 99 points, as the New Orleans Saints have done this year. If we're nitpicking, though, you might say that these Saints hadn't yet proven capable of playing from behind. But after today's game against the Miami Dolphins, it's safe to say that comebacks won't be a problem for the best team in the NFL.

After trailing 24-3 in the first half (the first time New Orleans was behind all season), the Saints stormed back to outscore Miami 43-10 over the game's final 31 minutes. The New Orleans offense was potent in the second half, per usual, but the comeback was aided greatly by the Dolphins' bizarre, pass-heavy fourth quarter play-calling. Nursing a three-point lead early in the final period was a strange time for Miami to get the urge to throw it around like the Saints usually do.

Here are the Dolphins' first two drives of the quarter, along with the score at the time:

Miami 34 -- New Orleans 31

1st-10, MIA20 13:23 C. Henne incomplete pass to the right
2nd-10, MIA20 13:17 C. Henne incomplete pass to the right
3rd-10, MIA20 13:12 C. Henne incomplete pass down the middle

New Orleans 37 -- Miami 34

1st-10, MIA20 8:35 C. Henne incomplete pass down the middle
2nd-10, MIA20 8:30 R. Brown incomplete pass to the left
3rd-10, MIA20 8:21 C. Henne incomplete pass to the left

That's zero runs during the two most crucial possessions of the game for the team with the NFL's No. 1 rushing offense. Bizarre

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