Sadly, the Pro Bowl may continue to exist and be held in New Orleans

Shutdown Corner

Despite having once teased us with promises of a merciful killing of the Pro Bowl, the league is talking now about keeping it alive. According to this report at, New Orleans, also the host of the 2013 Super Bowl, is a likely destination for the NFL's next three-hour tribute to apathy.

Here's a snippet from Nakia Hogan's report:

[NFL spokesman Greg] Aiello also said the league "does not have a venue for the game at this time. No decision has been made yet on whether to play the game this season. We have been discussing the future of the Pro Bowl with the union."

But league sources have said if a game is played, then New Orleans is a leading candidate to host the event. The idea of New Orleans double hosting the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl began floating around following last season's Super Bowl.

The people of New Orleans must be on pins and needles over the decision, as surely the Pro Bowl would be the most fun thing to ever happen in that city. Don't do anyone any favors, commish. What is this, an apology to the people of New Orleans for suspending Sean Payton and Jonathan Vilma? "Hey, sorry for wrecking your 2012 season guys. Here, how about a nice Pro Bowl? Now we're even."

I was very, very supportive of the plan to euthanize the Pro Bowl. The game is not fun. It's not fun for the fans, it's not fun for the players, and it doesn't make for good television. At times when "Whitney" is not airing, it is the least compelling thing on television.

The only people hesitant to pull the plug on the game are the players, and that's because they get a free trip to Hawaii out of it. I can't say I blame them, but you'll forgive me if I don't make it a priority of mine to worry about the vacation desires of millionaires.

Do the right thing here, commissioner. Pump up the morphine, say your goodbyes and let's let the Pro Bowl die a death as quiet, peaceful and serene as Pro Bowl action itself.

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