Ryan Tannehill says Richie Incognito was Jonathan Martin’s best friend

It is clear that the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito situation is complicated, and Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill made it a little more perplexing on Wednesday evening.

Speaking to the media about the situation that caused Martin to leave the team over perceived intimidation and harassment and Incognito to be suspended as the NFL investigates, Tannehill said that before Martin left the team, Incognito and Martin were best friends.

It's possible that Tannehill was not privy to most of the relationship between the two men. Players of the same position group generally spend the most time together. Or Tannehill said what he did to take some heat off of the situation. But the fact is, Tannehill used his press conference to paint a far different picture than what we've been getting the past few days.

The situation was obviously bad enough that Martin left the team, and his representatives filed a complaint with the Dolphins, which has led to the investigation. But Tannehill said he was surprised because of what he thought was a close relationship between the two men, who he said hung out off the field. Tannehill also called Incognito the "best teammate" he could ask for.

Nobody should be exposed to a hostile work environment, and some of the things Incognito has been accused of will be tough to defend no matter the context. But as more information comes out about the situation, the more complex it will become.

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