Ryan Mathews surprises 'I hate football' YouTube sensation

The kindergartner who became a YouTube sensation earlier this year when a clip of him yelling "I hate football" to the television after the San Diego Chargers lost to the Oakland Raiders was visited by Chargers running back Ryan Mathews(notes) last week as part of a segment on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Aidan, who was wearing a Chicago Bears shirt while yelling at the Chargers and Raiders, seems to have backed down from his anti-football stance and appears willing to give the sport another try:

Parents, you can't let your young child act that way about football, particularly when a Norv Turner team is involved. It will only lead to disappointment 11 months of the year, with December being the lone exception.

Aidan should be thankful all he got from Mathews was a visit and a jersey. Judging by his injury history, the rookie was liable to give everyone in the family a high-ankle sprain.

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