Ryan Mathews was surprised to see his name in erroneous report that said he was arrested

Nothing stinks more than waking up to news you were arrested the night before, especially when that isn't the case.

There was a brief time this morning when there was a report that San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Mathews had been arrested for a fight outside a club. A man got taken to the hospital as a result, according to the report that we won't draw any more attention to.

Then a legitimate news organization started making calls and figured out that someone was arrested for a fight at that club, but it was NOT Ryan Mathews. The San Diego Union-Tribune quoted San Diego Police Sgt. Robin Rose saying, "We can say that he was definitely not arrested by SDPD."

And all of this was a pretty big surprise to Mathews himself on a Monday morning:

While there were plenty of jokes to be had about Mathews' injury history on Twitter and some immediate criticism of a player who has failed to live up to expectations with the Chargers, but it turns out that there was no reason for any of it.

And Mathews wasn't too happy, according to a phone interview with the Union-Tribune.

“I don’t know how my name got twisted in all this (stuff),” Mathews said. “I don’t know why my name is even being brought up. ... I didn’t hit anybody. I wasn’t arrested. ... I didn’t see a fight. I didn’t see anything.”

There have been enough player arrests in the NFL this season. We don't need to start making up more of them.

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