The Ryan Leaf trilogy, coming to a bookstore near you

What's more surprising than Ryan Leaf writing a book? Ryan Leaf writing three books.

The man who is nearly the consensus pick for biggest draft bust of all-time has signed a deal to write three books -- one about his time at Washington State, one about his time in the NFL, and one about his time spent battling addiction.

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The Washington State book is projected to hit shelves in October 2011, and since we're talking about the super stable Ryan Leaf, I'm sure that nothing unforeseen will happen between now and then. Go ahead and write that date in stone, baby. Here's what it's about.

"It will cover four years, from the moment I decided to attend Washington State up through our Rose Bowl appearance in 1998," Leaf says. "For Cougar fans, it will be an entertaining, behind-the-scenes journey through a fascinating time in the school's football history. For sports fans generally, it will offer an unvarnished look at the world of college athletics, good and bad. The aim is not to glorify the sport or our very special 1997 WSU team, but to put a light on the powerful stories, colorful characters and some of the shenanigans behind one of our country's most beloved weekend pastimes."

Sounds great. Not interested.

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When the NFL book comes out, though, I am very, very interested in that. I hope Bobby Beathard gets to write one of the chapters. That seems unlikely, though.

In all seriousness, I'm glad Leaf is at a point in his life where he feels like he can share his experiences with the world. If he's willing to be open and raw with the books, they have the potential to be fascinating.

If he can fight the urge to always try to make himself look like the good guy (and good luck with that if he does), these might be his best contribution to the world of football.

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