Ryan Grant, Heath Evans take issue with Peterson’s slave statement

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

Adrian Peterson's comment that compared the NFL to "modern-day slavery" has created a firestorm in the sports world, with NFL players, analysts and fans weighing in on the controversy to criticize the Minnesota Vikings running back for the ill-informed analogy.

The statement, made to Shutdown Corner during an interview last week, generated mass criticism on talk radio and television and especially through Twitter, where players and fans alike have chimed in to comment on Peterson's ignorant comment.

Though many NFL players have so far been reluctant to weigh in on Peterson's controversial comments (many of Chad Ochocino's followers have implored the frequent Tweeter to give his opinion, but he has so far relented), a few have called out Peterson, most notably Ryan Grant. The Green Bay Packers running back was vehement in his disapproval of Peterson's slavery comparison:

Grant wasn't the only one. New Orleans Saints fullback Heath Evans, who has been a vocal supporter of the NFL Players Association during the labor negotiations, also commented on Peterson's statement:

Fan opinion has been less diplomatic. The majority of tweets have blasted Peterson, who is due to make $10.72 million next year. Some fans have said they may switch their lockout support to the owners after reading Peterson's statement.

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