Ryan Fitzpatrick, yes Ryan Fitzpatrick, does Cam Newton’s Superman celebration after a touchdown

Nobody is confusing Tennessee quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick for Superman, except in maybe that emo "Five for Fighting" type of way. Nobody is confusing Fitzpatrick for Cam Newton either, for that matter.

But it didn't stop him from busting out the Cam Newton "Superman" celebration after a touchdown run in the fourth quarter against the Chiefs.

Fitzpatrick made a great run (yeah, probably a Newton-like run) on third and goal and dove into the end zone. Fitzpatrick, subbing for injured Jake Locker at quarterback, flung the ball high in the air. Then he did the celebration move where he pulls his shirt apart at the chest to mimic showing the Superman logo, like Clark Kent would do. Superman. Yeah, got it. Ask Bills fans, who suffered through years of Fitzpatrick starting for Buffalo, about any comparison between Fitzpatrick and Superman.

Basically this just goes to show that Harvard grads like Fitzpatrick just talk way too much trash for the NFL.

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