Ryan Clark would like the league's permission to punch a coach

Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels made a slight stir on Sunday when he engaged in some pre-game trash-talking with the Chargers defense. He said to a group of Chargers linebackers before the game, "We own you!" There was no word on what the Chargers might have said previously or in response, but mild-mannered choir boys, I'm sure they were not.

I didn't think much of it myself, but it's gotten the attention of a few people around the league. Among them is Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark, who sees McDaniels' actions as a punchable offense.

“Honestly, my thought on that is, I would like to petition Mr. (Roger) Goodell and say, if a coach can talk to me like that, I should be able to fight him,” Clark said. “I don’t know where he’s from, but where I’m from, when somebody talks to you like that, they’ve got a problem with you. And we should be able to fight.

“If a player talks that way, you get to hit him. When a coach talks that way, you don’t really get to strike back. Who wants to have verbal jabs with a coach? That’s no fun. Let’s fight.”

I'm going to go ahead and guess that at the next NFL owners' meetings, there will be no "Yeah, let's do something to get players and coaches involved in fistfights" resolution passed. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for it myself, but it would seem to go against the grain for Roger Goodell.

Tennessee Titans linebacker Keith Bulluck(notes) chimed in, too, saying that coaches have no right to say anything to the players.

Sensitive, sensitive. These guys are about to spend the next three hours listening to all types of verbal abuse, not to mention the physical threat of other gigantic men trying to hurt them. But they're worried about a little chirping from a coach? Seems odd.

The league isn't looking into it and won't do anything about it, so any trash-talking to players will remain up to the preference of the individual coach. McDaniels is the only coach I know if engaging in the practice.

As for players, if they don't like it, they'll just have to take it out on that coach's players. My recommendation would be to lay a good 32-3 beating on his team.

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