Roy Helu Jr. gets no love on Redskins tickets

Unless Roy Helu Jr. changed his name to Robert in the offseason, someone in the Redskins organization owes him an apology.

A Redskins ticket-holder named Jeffrey Carroll got his tickets in the mail and tweeted a picture of one in particular. It's for the Week 5 game against the Vikings, and pictured on it is Roy Helu Jr. He is identified, unfortunately, as Robert Helu Jr.

Helu rushed for 640 yards last season, but in defense of the person/people who misidentified him, most of those yards were not particularly memorable. Tim Hightower's 321 yards, by contrast, were breathtaking.

Actually, the guy getting the first-team reps in Washington right now is neither of those fellows. It's Evan Royster. I'm not sure if this is by design, or because Mike Shanahan doesn't bother to learn the names of his running backs, or even that he has different ones. I think he still calls every running back he has "Terrell."

Of course, we all make mistakes — when you've got a bunch of names swimming around in your head at once, it's easy to swap out one "Ro" name for another "Ro" name. It happens. I've done that, and worse. I'd think, though, that a whole lot of eyeballs would have to approve those tickets before they made it to the printer.

Try not to take it personally, Roy. The Redskins screw a lot of things up.

Gracias, Bog.

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