Rookie New York Jets QB Geno Smith suffers through a ‘brutal’ practice, according to Rex Ryan

Rookie New York Jets QB Geno Smith suffers through a ‘brutal’ practice, according to Rex Ryan
Rookie New York Jets QB Geno Smith suffers through a ‘brutal’ practice, according to Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan wasn't thrilled with how Geno Smith practiced on Wednesday.

No, really. The Jets coach gave a scathing review of his rookie quarterback's practice that you simply won't hear very often, unless you're in a NFL team's meeting room.

There's probably only one coach in the league who's willing to sum up a player's practice like this:

"It was brutal," Ryan said. "That was Geno's worst day. Obviously the ankle is part of it. But way too many picks. He did not look comfortable today."

Oh really, Rex?

"We've seen guys have bad days, but this was a really bad day for Geno," he said.

Yikes. But that's all, right? No?

"There's no other way to put it: It was a bad day today," Ryan said.

Hmmm, but how do you really feel about how Geno practiced?

"These days happen, but you don't expect them to happen," Ryan said.

Hoooo, man. Would hate to see Ryan's Yelp reviews on places that give him bad service.

There's a good reason Smith struggled in practice. His ankle, which he hurt last week against Detroit, isn't right yet. He's refusing to miss any practices, and that probably will earn him some respect in the locker room, but it won't help him in the battle with Mark Sanchez to be the starter by the season opener. Ryan couldn't rule out Smith sitting out Saturday's preseason game against Jacksonville, although the fact Smith hasn't missed practice presumably means he'll play. When asked if his ankle is limiting him, Smith simply said, "Not one bit."

"I wasn’t trying to really show them anything other than get out here and just continue to practice and gel with my teammates," Smith said about practicing through his injury, according to the team's transcript. "I hate the fact that everybody tries to make this about me, because it’s not. It’s about this team and these guys out here and we all work hard together. Everybody is out there battling injuries."

Ryan said he wasn't ready to name a starter for the preseason game against the Jets, and he said that he hasn't seen enough from either quarterback to name a permanent starter. One thing is clear: Smith needs to avoid any more practices like he had Wednesday if he wants to win the job.

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