Romo: Cowboys are going to win the Super Bowl. Someday.

Shutdown Corner

Tony Romo led the Dallas Cowboys to a miserable collapse in Week 1 against the Jets, and then came back with an encore meltdown in Week 4 against the Lions. Those two games have turned Romo into the media piñata of the first half of this NFL season.

He's been at the center of media firestorms before. This isn't new for him. Mostly, he's ignored it.

Thursday, though, Romo gave some strong indications that not only has he heard all the anti-Romo chatter (from Deion Sanders in particular), but that he plans on shoving it back down everyone's throat at some point. From Clarence Hill at

"Every once in a while you definitely hear things," Romo said. "That's not something you search out. Deion is welcomed to his own opinion about stuff. Deion is Deion. He is what he is. We're going to go out here and we're going to play good football.

"This team is going to win a Super Bowl at some point. It's going to be exciting when that time comes. And when we look back, we'll know who was on what side of the fence during those tough moments. That's exciting for us as competitors knowing that we get a chance to go out there and have a chance to win."

Subtext: "*I* am going to win a Super Bowl. And when I do, I'm going to remember how Deion did not have my back at my lowest point, and I will then tell him that he can stick it in his ear."

Not that it's Deion's job to support Romo. Deion is a paid analyst, and he's expected to give his honest opinion. If he feels like Romo can't be counted on in the clutch or Romo can't win a Super Bowl, it's not only OK for him to say that, it's his job to say that.

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And if Romo doesn't like it, that's fine, too. There's nothing that says he and Deion have to be pals, even if Deion wants to play the role of analyst and friend to the Cowboys organization. If you're a Cowboys fan, this is a good thing. Romo's fired up. He cares, he's bothered, and he's determined to have success in spite of what anyone else says, Deion Sanders included.

If he wants to start proving people wrong, he's got a great opportunity this weekend against the New England Patriots.

Gracias, Pro Football Talk.

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