Roger Goodell talks about lowering the boom on Payton and the Saints

Shutdown Corner

Here's your explanation, Drew Brees.

There's nothing really unexpected there, with the possible exception of how frequently NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell mentioned that the league was "lied to." Here's what Goodell said specifically about New Orleans coach Sean Payton:

"If you weren't aware of it as head coach, you should have been aware of it. That's a critical factor for me. As head coach, who clearly it specifically states in your contract that you supervise the coaches and the players. This is something, as a head coach, you need to be held accountable for and responsible for. All of us are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the league and also making sure we're doing everything possible to ensure the safety of our players."

Goodell also noted that he hasn't spoken to Payton on Wednesday. Payton earlier told Jay Glazer that he was "not OK."

This isn't over, either. Goodell is still talking to individual players, and punishments could be coming on that front, too.

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