Roger Goodell says NFL ‘needs to listen’ regarding Washington Redskins name, but will Daniel Snyder ever relent?

Eric Edholm
Shutdown Corner

Previously, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has backed the Washington Redskins' name — the recent subject of controversy — as a moniker of respect and tradtition.

Now, in the face of growing dissent, Goodell might be changing his stance.

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In an interview with 106.7 The Fan in D.C., Goodell said that "we need to be listening" as more fans, Native Americans and journalists begin to protest the nickname and call for change.

The bigger question, though, beckons: Will Redskins owner Daniel Snyder ever go through with it? Snyder doesn't strikes us as someone who does a lot of listening.

In May, he insisted he'd never change the Redskins' name. So there's that to consider. And Goodell even admitted that it's Snyder's call, per the Washington Post.

“Ultimately, it is Dan’s decision,” Goodell said. “But it is something that I want all of us to go out and make sure we’re listening to our fans, listening to people who have a different view, and making sure that we continue to do what’s right to make sure that team represents the strong tradition that it has for so many years.”

Will change occur? Not tomorrow. And even with the groundswell of emotion on the issue now, these things can tend to waver in intensity. Ever see the movie "PCU?" (No? Yeah, you probably didn't.)

If the Redskins are a story on the field — and when are they not? — it either can douse the flames or stir them up again. But mounting, massive public pressure, perhaps with a strong push from the league office and other NFL owners, might be the only things that gets Snyder to change his mind.

So far, he has turned his back to the idea.

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