Roddy White remains in Penn State’s corner

Shutdown Corner

Thursday saw the release of the Freeh Report, the scathing independent investigation that tried to figure out how, exactly, Jerry Sandusky was able to commit so many human atrocities under the noses of Penn State officials. It was not a day that saw a lot of sympathy for Penn State among the mainstream media.

Star Falcons wide receiver Roddy White is waving the Penn State flag, though. On Thursday morning, White made these tweets regarding the Penn State scandal, defending Joe Paterno. White has since deleted them, but they were, of course, screengrabbed (thanks to Kevin Shockey).

Oh boy.

Before we draw and quarter Roddy White, though, keep in mind that he's not alone here. A lot of people will find a way to convince themselves that JoePa is blameless. I'm not saying that makes them, or Roddy, right or wrong, just that it's a common behavior when a hero is torn down.

Later, Roddy made a couple of explanatory tweets, even though the originals had been deleted.

It's hard to comment too much on what White said because I'm not sure that he knows what he's saying. He says Paterno "told the people he was supposed to tell," and later says he feels terrible because Paterno "didn't do enough." He says he doesn't understand why Penn State was obligated to tell the media about its child rapist coach, and then says they "should've just got him arrested."

I don't know what point White is trying to make or who he's trying to defend. And if he's confused about how he feels or what he's supposed to say, that's fine, because a lot of people are. It's a complex and nearly unprecedented situation.

The one thing we can all agree on, though, is that the welfare and safety of children should be the first priority. It wasn't for Penn State, and though I'm sure that Roddy White feels that way in his heart, it didn't really come through in his tweets.

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