Roddy White blasts Todd Haley on Twitter

Shutdown Corner

The Steelers defeated the Colts, 26-24, in front of a national television audience. Among those watching NBC's "Sunday Night Football" was Roddy White, star wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons, and for some reason, White took to Twitter to take a shot at new Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

If it seems weird to you that a Falcons wide receiver had something to say about a Steelers coach during a game they played against the Colts, you're not alone. Even weirder, Roddy White, to my knowledge, has never been coached by Todd Haley. His whole career has been with the Falcons. Haley has coached for the Jets, Bears, Cowboys, Cardinals, Chiefs and Steelers.

Whether or not he has a point and Todd Haley really does think the show is about him, I don't know. I don't know how Roddy White would know, either. I'm sure he has friends around the league, and I'm sure everyone talks. Maybe it's just an observation White made from observing Haley from afar. Maybe their paths have crossed at some point.

In any case, it's so strange for White to interject himself here. He's not a Steeler. Haley isn't his coach. Whatever Todd Haley believes or doesn't believe about who's responsible for winning football games, I can't imagine why White would make it his concern.

Haley's strong personality might even be one of the reasons the Steelers wanted him around. Cris Collinsworth mentioned Sunday night that he believed the Steelers wanted someone who would coach Ben Roethlisberger hard. They wanted a guy who would stay on his case until he broke some of his bad habits. What Roddy White sees as a liability might be the very thing that got Haley hired.

Gracias, PFT.

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