Rod Marinelli: Rob Parker can stuff his sorries in a sack

Thanks to Rob Parker and his rude question about his daughter, public sympathy for Lions head coach Rod Marinelli is at an all-time high. And I hope he doesn't mind me saying so, but now -- the beginning of the firing season -- isn't a bad time for it.

At the time, Marinelli brushed off Parker's insensitive question about his daughter's choice of husband, and Parker apparently took that as some kind of indication that Marinelli's got some great respect for him.

Shockingly, that's not the case, and as it turns out, the guy who was insulted does not have a case of the warm fuzzies for the guy who insulted him. Marinelli told the media yesterday that the question did get his ire up, and yesterday, outside the confines of a post-game press conference, Rod got a little more rowdy about Mr. Parker's inquiry.

“Anytime you attack my daughter, I’ve got a problem with that …” Marinelli said. “It was premeditated. I think there’s something wrong with that.”

Did it cross the line?

“Big time,” Marinelli said.

And he had this to say about Parker's "apology" column. From

"I didn't read it, but I was told a little bit about it. I don't accept anything ... [H]is intent was to stir me up which is never going to happen. I can shoulder anything you bring. Easy. I can shoulder anything you bring.''

Marinelli also said that he didn't respond at the time because it wasn't the right forum for it, and that the postgame press conference should be about the players.

His public relations strategy has been pretty sound. He let Parker go off while he sat there stiff-lipped and took the high road. The public made up their minds, and then he took his time with a measured response. I haven't come across anyone who doesn't think Parker was completely in the wrong.

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