Robert Griffin III wore inspirational burgundy and gold striped socks to the NFL draft

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

We've known who's going to be the first two picks of the NFL draft for weeks and we found out that Trent Richardson will be the No. 3 pick an hour before Roger Goodell took the podium. The only mystery of the first 30 minutes of the 2012 draft was which socks Robert Griffin III would wear.

The Baylor quarterback wore Superman socks to pick up his Heisman trophy, rocks Barney socks with the flourish of a pre-schooler and had on Subway socks earlier this week at an event in New York City. What special footwear did he have on for his first date with the Washington Redskins?

Burgundy and gold socks, of course.

Do Redskins colors clash with RGIII's baby blue suit? A better question would be: Does anyone in DC care? Griffin could have shown up in Dallas Cowboys socks and I doubt it would have affected his newlywed love affair with the District.

The socks were emblazoned with a saying from RGIII's Baylor coach, Art Briles.

More appropriate for a wide receiver, perhaps.  Still pretty awesome.

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