Robert Griffin III vs. Andrew Luck vs. Cam Newton in 40-yard dash (video)

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

As you've all heard by now, Robert Griffin III ran a 4.41 in the 40-yard dash at the NFL combine. That time bested presumptive top pick Andrew Luck by 0.28 seconds and was 0.18 seconds faster than Cam Newton ran last year.

Those ticks on the stopwatch look impressive on paper but are hard to grasp in a visual sense. How much faster does a 4.41 look than a 4.69?

Our friends at NFL Network have helped come up with an answer. Here's a fun overlay of Griffin, Luck and Newton's respective runs at the combine. Spoiler alert: Griffin wins.

Until the NFL changes its overtime rules to dictate that the game will be decided by quarterbacks stripping down to mesh shorts and running 40 yards from a track start, I'm not sure how much application this video has to real-world football. All it means is that whoever gets Griffin is getting a really, really fast quarterback and that the ghost-imaging technology pioneered in "Ghost Dad" is finally being put to good use.

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