Robert Griffin III says he won’t attend Super Bowl until he’s playing in one

Kevin Kaduk
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Robert Griffin III was in New Orleans on Saturday night to accept his NFC rookie of the year award, but you won't be spotting him in the Superdome stands on Sunday.

That's because the Washington Redskins quarterback says he won't attend a Super Bowl until he's actually calling signals in one.

'I'm a firm believer you don't go to the Super Bowl unless you're playing in it,'' Griffin said via the Associated Press.

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Every NFL player can buy two Super Bowl tickets for face value but it's unknown just how many players actually end up using the tickets themselves. Holding the sport's ultimate prize at arm's length as a non-participant is common — hockey players refuse to touch the Stanley Cup until their team wins it — so it stands to reason many football players follow the same belief. (Plus they can sell those tickets at a sweet premium.)

If RG3 is concerned about jinxing his Super Bowl chances, though, he needn't worry. San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh told the media earlier this week that he's attended past Super Bowls without a horse in the race and that didn't stop him from making it as a coach in this one.

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“Yes, I have attended Super Bowls in the past, Harbaugh said. "For example, the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers two years ago [Super Bowl XLV]. I was at the Super Bowl in New Orleans when San Francisco played Denver [XXIV, at the end of the 1989 season], and there might have been one other one along the way. There might have been a couple other ones.”

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