Robert Griffin III makes a triumphant return, then throws an interception on his second pass

The good news on Monday night is that Robert Griffin III was back. No matter what happened for the Washington Redskins the rest of Monday night, if you could have told their fans back on that dark January day when Griffin blew out his knee that he would start the 2013 season opener, every one would have happily signed up for that.

But the problem for Griffin is he didn't play in the preseason, didn't practice much in the offseason, and is still a very young quarterback. The rust showed on his second pass of the game.

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Griffin's second pass in his return against the Eagles was an interception. It wasn't a good decision or good mechanics on the throw. Santana Moss was well covered in the middle of the field on a third and long, but Griffin tried to squeeze it in anyway. As ESPN's Jon Gruden pointed out on the game broadcast, Griffin didn't look like he finished the play by landing confidently his front (left) foot. It's hard to say if that had anything to do with any mental hurdles he has in his reconstructed knee on his right plant leg. It's also impossible to say if a safety later in the first quarter, on a fumbled pitch by Griffin to running back Alfred Morris, had anything to do with a lack of timing from not practicing together much this offseason.

Griffin faces a big challenge this season, trying to take a step forward from an incredible rookie season, even though he didn't have a typical offseason to work on his craft like most other young quarterbacks. Griffin didn't have a great start against the Eagles, but the biggest news is that one of the NFL's superstars was starting at all, just eight months after that horrifying knee injury.

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