Robert Griffin III gets kicked right in the … yeah (Video)

Well, we now know that Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III doesn't wear a protective cup.

During Monday night's Redskins-49ers game, Griffin took an unfortunate shot in the .... solar plexus? Midsection? Whatever the politically correct term is for that region, Griffin got kicked there by 49ers outside linebacker Aldon Smith.

Smith was being blocked and jumped to try to bat Griffin's pass. Smith was pushed back, and his leg came up and got Griffin right between the legs. The kick seemed accidental, but that probably didn't help Griffin feel any better at the time.

Griffin is too young to remember Bill Cosby's bit about grabbing his head when he was hit in that region as a football player, because Griffin grabbed right at the injured area as he was hopping around in pain on national television. The understanding official put his hands on Griffin's helmet as a sign of sympathy when he figured out what just happened.

Griffin took a number of hard hits on Monday night against the 49ers, but that one was probably the most uncomfortable.

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