Robert Griffin III will be first NFL player with Roman numerals on his jersey

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Hail to the Redskins!/Hail, Victory!/Braves on the warpath!/Make jersey history!!!

When Robert Griffin III was introduced at last month's NFL draft, many took note of the fact that the back of his Washington Redskins jersey included the Roman numeral at the end of his surname. According to Paul Lukas of Uni Watch, it's a historic inclusion. Lukas says, as far as he can tell, Griffin will become the first player in major American sports to have a Roman numeral on the back of his jersey.

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The NFL changed the rule this offseason and it allows Roman numerals and Jr./Sr. distinctions. The III has a special connection to Griffin but is also a killer marketing tool. Lukas thinks it may run deeper than that:

And that's not the only kind of branding at work here, because the Roman numeral III can also be viewed as three stripes -- which happens to be the visual signature of adidas, which signed Griffin to a big endorsement contract back in February. In fact, Uni Watch suspects Griffin chose adidas over Nike specifically in large part because of the potential marketing synergies between the Roman numeral and the stripes.

If Uni Watch is right -- and when it comes to uniforms, that's almost always the case -- Griffin is even more savvy than advertised.

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