Robert Griffin III documentary on Aug. 27 will show him from rookie season to recovery

RGIII: Look Inside from Gatorade Productions on Vimeo.

NFL Films couldn't have picked a much better subject for an hour-long documentary than Robert Griffin III. They ended up with one of the better stories of the NFL offseason to tell.

NFL Films, along with ESPN and Gatorade Productions, produced “RGIII: The Will to Win,” a one-hour documentary special. It will air Aug. 27 on ESPN.

They started filming during the Redskins quarterback's rookie year, and just kept it rolling through one of the more interesting injury rehabilitation stories of the offseason. Griffin suffered a bad knee injury in the Redskins' playoff loss to Seattle.

"It's not a comeback story," Griffin says in the film. "How can you come back if you were never gone?"

It also includes some casual moments that show Griffin's personality off the field, such as the beat-boxing Griffin does in this video:

RGIII Beatbox Remix from Gatorade Productions on Vimeo.

Griffin is one of the more compelling figures in the NFL right now. That's why, assuming he makes it back to start Week 1, the Redskins' opener against the Eagles on "Monday Night Football" should be one of the highest-rated regular-season games in years.

If the documentary captures the interesting parts of Griffin as a player and person, it might not be a bad primer for his 2013 debut.

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