Robert Griffin III has a diving run that didn’t look like he’s playing it safe (GIF)

All offseason, after Robert Griffin III's ACL injury, we heard about how the Redskins quarterback would be safer. Or rather, how he needed to be safer, like there was no other choice if he wanted to survive in the NFL.

That chatter is all fine and good, but it wasn't going to stand up in the heat of a game, especially with a competitor like Griffin.

And we were reminded Sunday that Griffin isn't going to play it safe all the time. Griffin ran to his left, and had the first down in sight. The only way for him to get there was to go airborne. So he did.

Griffin was hit low by linebacker Reggie Walker when he was in the air, then hit again when he was flying through the air by linebacker Thomas Keiser. He flew about four yards and landed hard.

But ... he got the first down.

Just a good indication that no matter whether he's still recovering from a knee injury, Griffin is never going to change who he is.

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