Rob Gronkowski jokes that he’d take Tim Tebow’s virginity (VIDEO)

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

While playing a risque parlor game during a lecture at the University of Rhode Island, Rob Gronkowski joked that he'd take Tim Tebow's virginity.

The name of the game he was playing can't be printed here. When it's played on American sitcoms, it's referred to as "boff, marry, kill." Respondents are given three names and have to choose one to kill, one to marry and one with which to have sexual intercourse. In this case, the names were: Rex Ryan, Betty White and Tim Tebow.

It's a national tragedy that we only have the first part of Gronkowski's response. (Answer is slightly NSFW. Gronk uses an abbreviation instead of profanity.)

Gronk must not be a feet kind of guy.

Thanks, @JimmyTraina

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