Here’s Rob Gronkowski in a dizzy bat race

Shutdown Corner

Nothing would've surprised me from a YouTube video entitled "Rob Gronkowski Dizzy Bat Race." If it ended with Gronk in a hot tub full of Playmates, if he used the bat to beat the life out of someone who was trying to rob an old lady, or if he used it to break open a magic piñata full of Jägermeister minis … I wouldn't have blinked an eye.

Nothing gets that crazy, though ‒ there's just some minor dizzy bat race cheating. That said, if there's a video out there of Rob Gronkowski in a dizzy bat race, I think you should see it.

It's from a couple of summers ago, according to the uploaders, the Worcester Tornadoes themselves. Gordie Gronkowski, brother of Rob, played for them at the time. He's racing against brother Chris, currently a fullback with the Colts. Let the record show that Chris started the cheating.

Gracias, Barstool.

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