Rob Gronkowski delivers the Gronk spike to Megatron

Shutdown Corner

Rob Gronkowski is dominating the early going in the race for the offseason MVP. I suppose Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow have made their cases, too, but I'm sorry, Gronk is just going after this thing way harder than anyone else.

The latest installment from Gronk hypes his current matchup against "Megatron" Calvin Johnson in the Madden Cover voting.

First thing that comes to mind: How great is it that Gronk has his own Fathead in his home?

Also, the Hasbro people can't be thrilled with the quality of that Megatron action figure. One Gronk spike and it's blasted into a dozen pieces? Come on now, Megatron's tougher than that. Just ask Starscream.

We'll see how Megatron fares in the voting, but if we're judging on enthusiasm and desire, Gronk's got things wrapped up. Calvin Johnson can't be bothered to make a video making fun of "Yo Soy Fiesta?" No one else is up for some watermelon smashing? Gronk deserves that cover.

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