Rob Gronkowski almost walks out of CBS interview over Aaron Hernandez questions

Rob Gronkowski almost walks out of CBS interview over Aaron Hernandez questions
Rob Gronkowski almost walks out of CBS interview over Aaron Hernandez questions

Rob Gronkowski didn't do anything wrong in the clip of him nearly walking out of a CBS News interview (h/t to Eye on Football) when the topic turned to Aaron Hernandez.

The interviewer, Dan Dahler, tried asking Gronkowski about Hernandez during a sit-down interview with the family. Gronkowski gave a "next question," made a lighthearted joke about learning that from Drew Rosenhaus, and then gave another "next question" to a follow-up question. When Dahler tried asking Gordie a similar question about Hernandez, Rob Gronkowski expressed his displeasure by starting to walk out, before he was convinced that was the end of that line of questioning. He handled it fine.

This is an innocuous moment between Gronkowski and an interviewer (and that's Dahler's job, he didn't do anything wrong either). The awkwardness of that moment is not the biggest takeaway from the clip. What's much more interesting is this is how most of the Patriots' 2013 (2014? 2015?) season is going to go.

The Patriots generally want to eliminate distractions, but that's not going to be possible when a prominent former player is being held on a first-degree murder charge. The questions will be asked. By Gronkowski's reaction in this CBS interview, and his dismissal of the Hernandez questions during a book signing, it's easy to see what the Patriots' strategy will be: say nothing.

That won't be hard for Bill Belichick. You can practically hear his monotonous answers refusing to even entertain the Hernandez questions. But that won't entirely stop the questions from coming. Once the Patriots have regular media availability, any new revelation in the case will be a cause for a new batch of questions. Just get ready for when Hernandez's trial is going on, there will be an onslaught then. And if the Patriots make the Super Bowl, the Hernandez questions will make the Ray Lewis media day fiascoes (both of them) look timid.

When the Patriots cut Hernandez, it looked like they were eliminating a distraction. But no matter how much the Patriots try this season, they won't be able to simply keep quiet and have all the questions and distractions go away.

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